Altera Tasarım Offers New Service: Promotional Video Production for Products!

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our continuing product design and consulting services, we are now offering promotional video production at Altera Tasarım! We create videos for social media and multimedia activities of marketing and PR departments, aimed at accurate and effective product promotion and product-centric communication with customers and target groups.

Here is a recent video we produced for LAMP83 to promote its “FLOW Spot Lighting Fixture”, also designed by Altera Tasarım.

We produce promotional videos timely and smoothly, in accordance with the social media and multimedia content, presenting the aesthetics (design, form, and color variations), technical features (production, materials, engineering) and functional features (usage, area of utilization, ergonomics) of the products to the audience.

Our promotional videos aim to build three basic perceptual bridges between the audience and the product:

- Effectively conveying the current value of the product,

- Accurately communicating what the product can do and what features it possesses,

- Presenting the claim that the product is authentic and preferable

We use Advanced CGI Technology to produce our videos at Altera Tasarım, which allows us to create high-end visual content supported with 3D photorealistic animations, simulations and special effects that are impossible to create with standard studio video production. This content is then mounted with sound, text and visual transitions to achieve the desired video.